Saturday, September 13, 2008

Geneva and the bike ride to France

You can rent bikes from the refugees in Geneva for free for a couple of hours. I rode around Geneva, then eventually rode to France. Here are the pictures from the day!

Where I live, Le Cenacle. The back entrance.

The stairs of death (they are steep!) leading to the back entrance.

This is the famous water fountain in Lake Geneva - Jet d'Eau. Very beautiful, the tallest fountain in
the world I think!

This is the bike I rented to ride around Geneva - I like the green!

This is a picture of a carousel that we found on our bike ride. It has various characters of Aesops fairy tales as the carts for the kiddies to sit in. Very neat! We couldn't take a ride as it was closed, next time!

Flamingoes in the Botanical Gardens [they also had a Jardin de Math Mom and Dad - I didn't check it out... ha ha]. I've never seen flamingoes in real life I think.

The chromsome walk! "Sauntering along the human genome." Ha ha ha.

Yes those are chromosomes in the distance.

A fountain in Carouge, a section of Geneva.

France! A small town at the base of the Saleve, a mountain that overlooks Geneva but is actually in France.

That is all for now.

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YourOpinionCounts said...

Those are some great pictures. The last place I took a bike ride was around Italy, and I got tired after only a few hours.

Thanks for putting up those awesome pics, do you have a website where you post more like that?

Have a blessed day