Saturday, September 13, 2008

Geneva and the bike ride to France

You can rent bikes from the refugees in Geneva for free for a couple of hours. I rode around Geneva, then eventually rode to France. Here are the pictures from the day!

Where I live, Le Cenacle. The back entrance.

The stairs of death (they are steep!) leading to the back entrance.

This is the famous water fountain in Lake Geneva - Jet d'Eau. Very beautiful, the tallest fountain in
the world I think!

This is the bike I rented to ride around Geneva - I like the green!

This is a picture of a carousel that we found on our bike ride. It has various characters of Aesops fairy tales as the carts for the kiddies to sit in. Very neat! We couldn't take a ride as it was closed, next time!

Flamingoes in the Botanical Gardens [they also had a Jardin de Math Mom and Dad - I didn't check it out... ha ha]. I've never seen flamingoes in real life I think.

The chromsome walk! "Sauntering along the human genome." Ha ha ha.

Yes those are chromosomes in the distance.

A fountain in Carouge, a section of Geneva.

France! A small town at the base of the Saleve, a mountain that overlooks Geneva but is actually in France.

That is all for now.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yvoire and some in Geneva

Statue in the rose garden in Geneva.

Rose garden in Geneva.

Statue near the Quai Eaux-Vives (boat station) in Geneva.

View from my side of the lake in Geneva, sailboats, mountains and Lac Leman (Lake Geneva).

Yvoire, a small town with a castle we visited on our boat tour of Lake Geneva.

More Yvoire.

More Yvoire.More Yvoire.
That is all for now!